Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brothers in Arms

“A band of Brothers… Brothers in Arms.

That is what I long for. Men who know the strength of standing on faith in God. Men who bolster my faith when it is failing… whose faith I can bolster in turn.  Men who stand—together. Unashamed. Men who need not be ashamed, for they have fought the good fight. I do not wish to live (or die) a coward. Someone who simply fell before the onslaught of his enemies.  I will not live to be a man who neglects his God.  Not simply “his god”… but, God… The God.  The Father of Christ Jesus. I will stand for Him. That God. The Only True God. But I cannot stand alone.

I need a Band of Brothers… Brothers in Arms… Ones who take up the sword of prayer on my behalf. Ones who I can stand for when their enemy seeks to suppress them.  Men with the call of God on their lives. Who daily (or by moment) give God his Glory and Due Praise.  Men who encourage me to do the same.  Men who may see the fear in my eyes—the fear that would seek to take the very heart of me—but do not scorn it. Rather they take up the challenge of lifting my heart up to God. And men who pass the challenge on to me… to lift my own heart as well… to seek my God… so in my times of battle, and in their times of need, I can stand strong. So in their time of Battle I have a mind sound enough to do the same for them.

I need a heart for brotherhood… and men with hearts the same. Not the simple friendship born of simple interaction wherein little of merit passes between myself and they.  I need Brothers, Fathers, Friends… of the intimate bond that only comes from facing down our enemies and fighting side by side; when we stand and face a common foe… and know that God is on our side—but not just God (though in truth he is enough) also our Band of Brothers… our Brothers in Arms.  They that know our hearts… that have seen our fears, our failures, but stand and love us just the same—no. Love us all the more—who see us in the wearying moments that creep upon us wherein we feel we cannot stand. Who see us truly in those moments and hold us up, reminding us to seek first our God for victory in battle. Men who glory in our salvation… who glory in our God… who stand with us… And who, as brothers aught to, will heft us up upon their shoulders when victory is won.

I need a Band of Brothers… Brother in Arms.”

This was my heart's cry a while back. I passed it on to a few friends who I felt could understand.  And it dawned on me... This is really every man's heart cry (especially if they are a Christian, but even those who aren't Christian, though they may word it somewhat differently.) We may be suck at building these kinds of relationships, but it is what we need.  No matter what. 

So this little blog post rings out as a challenge to myself and others:

Build a Band of Brothers, Brother's in Arms.

I have stood firm in more of my battles since that call went out... and it is largely because Brothers answered the call.... and I was (mostly) unafraid to call out for help in my times of struggle.

God is good... and he is the one who placed that longing in us. 

Thanks for that, God.  You're awesome, and I love you!

Yours Alway,


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