Monday, May 23, 2011

Timbri Bay - Battles I Face

I was trying to decide what to write about today, and I recalled a poem that I wrote several months back that I haven't posted, so I'll be posting it here momentarily. (By the time you read this, it will already be posted.)

The first half of this poem just poured out of me one day when I was walking oblivious to any pitfalls or danger, and feeling very much impervious to failure.  The second half I wrote later that day when I found I had fallen short of being who I hoped to be that day.  My current hope and prayer is that I'll stay the first guy moving forward. (side note... this poem may find its way into a later Treasures of Darkness ~ Treasures of Light story. Having been written---as my imagination sees it---by Melfall the Woodsman.)


Timbri Bay -By Geno Allen

I leapt into the jaws of death,
And strangely there did I find rest,
But not the rest long slept in peace,
You see my Lord yet had good plans for me.

A villain sought to strike my heart,
But by my Master's perfect art,
The villain's hand was stayed that day,
When I went to battle near Timbri bay.

Another plunged into the strife,
A villain swiftly took his life,
What difference was ‘tween he and I,
That I should so live and he should so die?

I pondered this deep in my heart,
And wondered at his failing part.
A question rose to me that day,
Why did I choose to leap into the fray?

I thought it out and answered right.
“My Lord did call me out to fight.”
Another question yet remained,
Why leapt that man to fight near Timbri bay?

The answer there I do not know,
But this I’ll share before I go;
It is death's jaws of which I speak…
Before choosing one’s course one first must seek.


Simply put, I'm both guys... but I strive to be guy number one. I'd write more, but I'm sleepy.

God, please help me be guy number one... I very much appreciate it!


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