Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Man I Know

There’s a man I know who’s also my friend
One of the dearest I’ve had since God knows when
He reminds me of dad and somewhat of me
I hope to be like both of them equally
He has a good heart and he is unafraid
To look at his life and call a spade a spade
And to look at me and do the same

Sometimes things he says are epic in scope
Like a lifeline thrown or a spiritual rope
That reaches into the struggles I face
And reminds me of both God’s correction and grace
I’ve placed him in precarious positions at times
When not taking or calling for a needed lifeline
Amazingly he’s still a friend of mine

I can’t find the words to say how much he means
Even when I’ve made him face difficult things
That leave him in the place of being God’s hammer
In my life—which is not a position of glamour
Nor is it a position that he likes to fill
But one he handles with grace and skill
Even if it’s against his will

I’m grateful for his willingness—saddened by the need
That would not have come if I had emptied
Myself of my self and given not taken
But the time is now here that I have awakened
And my friend as God’s hammer helped that to be
Where it goes from here? God knows and we’ll see
My friend was an excellent friend to me

For letting him down and driving him there
I can’t find the words, as a friend he is rare
I’m sorry feels weak, for so heartfelt a friend
But I am and I pray that what’s broken will mend
This man I know is a mentor to me
And as a friend most faithful is he
And as close to what God intended true man to be
As I may ever see

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