Saturday, May 21, 2011


My Child

Who would you have looked most like, my child?
Would I have seen, her or me, my dad or hers, if I had seen you smile?

Wavy blonde—or hidden curls of brown—that only length would show?
The answers to these questions, now only heaven knows,

And that is where you are, I’m sure my child, and it leaves me wondering,
Will you grow? Will I know you, when at last I step upon that scene?

I would have held you, loved you, kept you, safe and sound and sure,
I guess you’re better off my child, than in this world in which you were,

Known for so short a time, though deeply loved by your mom and I.
You left so soon, we didn’t get to say hello, before we had to say goodbye.


There you have a Father, greater than I could have hoped to be.
His love it is the greatest, for He is Love, and Lord, and King.

Enjoy his presence as I wish I could, till we meet on that day,
When your mom and I embrace our kids who never saw the darkness of these days.

Though, I wish that we had met, and I miss you more than I can feel…
I do thank God that he kept you safe, and await the day that he will peel,

Back the veil between us all and we will finally meet—
Who would you have looked most like, my child? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

I love you.


Your Dad

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