Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of Lobsters and Things Obscure

Okay so there aren't any lobsters to mention in this post except the word lobster... i just like it. its funny to speak... say it with me lobster. ... Lob-ster.  Okay enough of that. This is another re-post from an earlier blog that has gone away.  I just felt like sharing.

Usually I try to post something deep and meaningful in this blog, but though the lobster may be deep (in the ocean) it is not particularly meaningful... so on to what I'm really writing about.


Character is plot. Or so the saying goes among writers and writing instructors.  But it’s more than a saying.  It is a fundamental truth woven into the fabric of life, by God himself.  Some time back I had a failure in my life and discovered this un-posted blog I wrote about it when not attached to the internet. So, I will share it here today.

I was sad and hadn’t dealt with the causes of my sadness (which at the time were many).  I allowed my old coping mechanisms to take back over.  That is not a revelation in itself.  But as I said:

Character is plot and plot is character.   The plot of my story is determined by the character... of this Character that I am.  Just as, in writing, it's the fears and desires that motivate a character to action, and those actions in turn create the plot, I’ve been allowing my fears and desires to build a certain character in this character that I am.  And that character has been creating the plot of my life.  [That day] the plot of my tale took a negative turn.  There was something in my character that allowed that turn. And I ask God to reveal what it is in my character that must change. And I pray that He'll will walk me past my defects of character and help me to live from His Godly character. As the Character He would write me to be. I ask for that help, that deliverance and re-direction, in Jesus’ Name.

Great life questions:
If Character is Plot, what sort of character are you going to be?  

What sort of story do you want to live?

I’m sure this somehow relates to Romans 7 or 8 or something.
So that's it... I thought it worth sharing.

God, You're good---bottom line... in every way and all the time.

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